Let's learn 한글[han-gul] (Korean Alphabet)

한글 [Hangul] is a Korean alphabet system, and it's a phonetic alphabet. 

So when you're able to read 한글, you'll know how it sounds as well by reading it. 

한글 was invented by King Sejong (1937 - 1450), and it's the only alphabet system that has a known inventor in the world. 

He was a true genius and such a great leader because he made 한글 for his people so that they could become literate.

Eventually King Sejong wanted a better communication between himself and the whole nation and its people. 

Now, let's get to learning.

This is a 자음 [ja-eum] Consonants chart

Practice it with phonetic marks and also try writing it down with strokes instruction. 


This is a 모음 [mo-eum] Vowel chart

Practice it with phonetic marks above. Also, try writing it down with strokes instruction below. 

Please practice it as much as possible until you feel natural and comfortable writing and saying each consonants and vowels. 

Thanks! 감사합니다. 화이팅!

Source: https://langoinstitute.com/blog/2019/7/17/korean-pronunciation-part-1-consonant-sounds